Review of EVBJewelry's Crushed Stone Crystal Quartz Metal Earrings


These earrings from EVBJewelry’s are absolutely stunning. Based out of Windsor, Ontario, EVBJewelry creates a stunning line of gemstone jewelry from earrings to necklaces. There is no doubt that EVBJewelry’s shop owner, Courtney is clearly very talented!

I had the opportunity to review this stunning pair of Crushed Stone Crystal Quartz Luminous Shimmer Silver Earrings and here’s what I thought:

  • These earrings are perfect to wear for everyday and even special occasions because they are so versatile. Not to mention, they are absolutely so gorgeous in real life!

  • This listing is for the luminous color which is a stunnin nude-like color but EVBJewelry’s other listings allow you to have the opportunity to choose from other beautiful colors

  • The earrings were beautifully packaged ready to give as a gift (please check with Courtney to see if this is an option for you!)

  • The listing gives you the ability to choose the type of material you want used for your earrings. The option I got as the rose gold (water safe) pair but you also have the ability to choose from 14K Gold (14K Gold over Sterling Silver which is tarnish resistant), Rose Gold Or Silver Plated. The 14K Gold, Sterling Silver and Rose Gold are 100% water safe

  • These earrings make the perfect gift for almost any occasion and are all affordably priced for beautiful quality of each piece!

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Review of Anchored Signs' Nursery Custom Name Wall Art


For those of you who don’t know I welcomed my son in early February of this year. When I was looking for nursery decor it was easy to find all the items I needed because my theme was simple (gray & white) but it was hard to find the name wall art I wanted. The first wall art name I ordered took forever to come and it ended up not being what I wanted. I was so upset! Then I came across Anchored Sign’s IG page and the rest was history! I’m so glad I came across Anchored Signs’ page because I absolutely LOVE the wood sign name I got for my son’s nursery.

Sonia, is the owner and founder behind Anchored Signs. She is a loving wife and mother of three. After the delivery of her third son she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). For three years she suffered with UC, which resulted in hundreds of hospital visits and admissions for weeks at a time. On one visit, she was partially paralyzed from neck toot and was thought to have been suffering a stroke. Her symptoms were so severe they called code blue on Sonia.

Eventually Sonia started to slowly recover and wanted to do something with herself. While at a friend’s house for dinner there as a sign on his wall. Sonia commented how beautiful the sign was and how she wanted to make one for herself.

He asked Sonia how she was going to do it and she told him she was very crazy and could do it, so he also ended up asking Sonia to make something for him. When she brought the finished piece to him he told her she needed to make these wall decor pieces and that people would love them. And so, naturally, Anchored Signs was born.

Today Sonia creates signs for people to help make their vision come true, as she did for me!

Working with Sonia to get the wall decor piece I wanted was such a breeze, simple and fast. It was so nice to have her send me over the different font types and colors to go with. At the time she didn't have a website but now she does where the customer sign request form is all you need to use to order your custom sign. Her signs make the perfect decor piece for any nursery, any room in the home or even office! They can be even used as decor for bridal showers or even weddings. The They also make a great baby shower gift. They possibilities are endless!

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Website: Anchored Signs
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anchored_signs/

Review of Ever After's Pixie Dust Candle


Based out of Miami, Florida, @everafterbydeb specializes in making candles that are home brewed and hand poured. We had the opportunity to review their Pixie Dust Candle and absolutely LOVED every burn of it!

Here’s why we love the candle and Ever After by Deb’s shop:

  • Again, the candle smelted absolutely amazing. This candle is great to light after a long stressful day!

  • All of their candles are made with 100% all-natural soy wax with cotton wicks, vegan friendly and phthalate free!

  • Most of their candles come in two sizes- 6oz and 12oz. We reviewed the 12oz candle which had a burn time of 55+ hours while the 6oz has a burn time of 25+ hours

  • All candles are affordably priced for the quality and the fact that they are handmade

  • The shop has over 26 beautiful scented candles to choose from all which are inspired by your favourite childhood stories. In fact, this Pixie Dust candle is inspired by Peter Pan.

  • Quick turn around time

  • These candles make the perfect gift for almost any occasion and we’re confident that the receiver will LOVE the candle as much as we did!

  • Whole sale opportunities are available, so if you’re looking for some gift favours for an upcoming event then this is the shop you’ll want to check out!

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Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/EverAfterByDeb Use code shopsmall for 15% off your entire etsy purchase!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EVERAFTERBYDEB/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/everafterbydeb