Review of Jazminbell's Luxe Sleeping Mask In Watermelon Pink

The jazminbell® brand was founded by Jasmin Owen after graduating from the Australian National University.  Inspired by bright, colourful and functional design the collection has grown from the Mini Cold/Heat Pack Sets into over 11 different cold/heat pack solutions.  Jazminbell® products have quickly captured interest within the marketplace, not only because they are a great product, but because they are highly unique.  The brand has been featured in national magazines such as Woman's Day, Yours and TV Week! The jazminbell® brand is all about changing the conventions of traditional wheat bags and giving it a modern look, style, function and appeal. I had the awesome opportunity to review jazminbell®'s Luxe Sleep Mask in Watermelon Pink and here's what I thought: 

  • First and foremost I must say that this the cutest sleeping mask ever!! I loved wearing this before bed because it would aid in blocking light from waking me up or hurting my eyes and As a result this mask helped in improving my relaxation and sleep 
  • It is gentle in weight, so it hardly feels like you are wearing anything. Furthermore, one of my favourite things is that this mask is made from 100% plain cotton backing and the watermelon pink signature design that is also cotton
  • This mask was designed and handmade in Australia. Shipping was fairly quick- less than 2 weeks which is impressive since i'm in Canada!
  • I think these sleep masks would make the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday, not to mention this sleep mask is affordably priced 
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  • Direct Link to website and product: https://www.jazminbell.com/product-page/luxe-sleeping-mask-watermelon-pink

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