Review of The Stubborn Fox Co's Tissue Boxes


How cute are these tissues boxes from Stubborn Fox Co?! Stubborn Fox Co specializes in creating fun and unique tissue boxes while also giving you the option to personalize for your special occasion. We had the wonderful opportunity to review these four tissue boxes and here is what we thought: 

  • We never saw such fun and humorous tissues so these are definitely one of a kind
  • Stubborn Fox Co's practical tissue boxes are gorgeous and can be completely customize using funny, caring or generic messages. Their cute pattern designs will stand out and present beautifully in all settings
  • These tissues are so convenient and compact that you can literally just throw them in your bag or keep in/at your desk. Furthermore, the incorporated stand in these tissues give you the option of having it stand right up like a traditional tissue box.
  • We think these tissues can be used for a variety of events such as weddings, since we all know tissues are a must have at weddings. These tissues would also be perfect to give to a friend who is going through a breakup or a hard time in their life. The opportunities with gifting these tissue boxes are endless.  Here is a full list of ways you can personalize your very own tissue boxes
  • Included in each box is 10 tissues that truly are high quality using 3 ply tissues and are durable enough to remove panda eyes quickly and efficiently!

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