Review of Brokaw Printing Co's Goal Setting Guide


Have a big dream and waiting for it to happen? The best way to make those dreams a reality is by starting off with a good plan. I’m actually going through that right now and this goal setting guide from Brokaw Printing Co, which helped organize my goals and dreams onto paper! Each page is intentionally designed to be beautiful, but ultimately functional and effective in helping you achieve real life goals. The guide uses interactive diagrams, introspective questions, and organizational activities help you to prioritize thoughts, set achievable goals, and create lasting habits. This guide can be used once to help you design a bigger vision for life or repeatedly when you want to revisit goals each year, month, or week. This goal setting guide is a must have for those looking for a tool that will help them organize their goals.

Here are some of the other reasons why I loved the goal setting guide:

  • I love the blue colour but the listing of the goal setting guide gives you the ability to choose different beautiful colors such as in green or pink

  • After completing my goals and writing them down in this guide I took a picture of it so that I can have copies on my phone to have them accessible almost anywhere

  • This goal setting guide is a printable option so no need to wait for the guide to be sent to you! Right after purchasing you’ll get the option to download the 13 page full colour PDF file almost immediately! The 13 pages include:

    • Cover – to easily file and organize 

    • Dream journal

    • Understanding yourself- where you are and where you want to be

    • Goal brainstorming for every area of life

    • Goal creation and planning

    • Weekly habit tracker- which is my favourite page of all  

    • Rewards and accountability planning

    • Message from the Author 

The guide is affordably priced which makes this so worth the money! Brokaw Printing Co was kind enough to share a coupon code for 15% off this goal setting guide when using code SMALLSHOP15 at checkout.

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