Review of Anchored Signs' Nursery Custom Name Wall Art


For those of you who don’t know I welcomed my son in early February of this year. When I was looking for nursery decor it was easy to find all the items I needed because my theme was simple (gray & white) but it was hard to find the name wall art I wanted. The first wall art name I ordered took forever to come and it ended up not being what I wanted. I was so upset! Then I came across Anchored Sign’s IG page and the rest was history! I’m so glad I came across Anchored Signs’ page because I absolutely LOVE the wood sign name I got for my son’s nursery.

Sonia, is the owner and founder behind Anchored Signs. She is a loving wife and mother of three. After the delivery of her third son she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). For three years she suffered with UC, which resulted in hundreds of hospital visits and admissions for weeks at a time. On one visit, she was partially paralyzed from neck toot and was thought to have been suffering a stroke. Her symptoms were so severe they called code blue on Sonia.

Eventually Sonia started to slowly recover and wanted to do something with herself. While at a friend’s house for dinner there as a sign on his wall. Sonia commented how beautiful the sign was and how she wanted to make one for herself.

He asked Sonia how she was going to do it and she told him she was very crazy and could do it, so he also ended up asking Sonia to make something for him. When she brought the finished piece to him he told her she needed to make these wall decor pieces and that people would love them. And so, naturally, Anchored Signs was born.

Today Sonia creates signs for people to help make their vision come true, as she did for me!

Working with Sonia to get the wall decor piece I wanted was such a breeze, simple and fast. It was so nice to have her send me over the different font types and colors to go with. At the time she didn't have a website but now she does where the customer sign request form is all you need to use to order your custom sign. Her signs make the perfect decor piece for any nursery, any room in the home or even office! They can be even used as decor for bridal showers or even weddings. The They also make a great baby shower gift. They possibilities are endless!

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Website: Anchored Signs
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